Terms of Use

Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. (“company”) has established the following terms of use (“these terms”) for our customers (“customers”) who use wired and/or wireless Internet connection (“service”), including shared Wi-Fi for JR hotel members, at hotels which company operates (“facilities”).
By using the service, you indicate your acceptance of these terms.

■ Equipment, Peripherals and Software
・ Customers are responsible for the preparation of any and all communication equipment, peripherals, software, and security measures, etc. (“equipment”) necessary to use service, and any associated costs for such preparation should be borne by customers. Company does not warrant the performance of equipment.

■ Disclaimers
・ Company shall not be liable for unavailability and/or interruption of service , and any damage or trouble incurred to customer relating to service unless it is caused by company’s intentional act or gross negligence.
・ Customers shall be liable for any damage incurred to company and/or any third party caused by customers’ violation of these terms, in which case, the customers shall assume any and all responsibility and cost, and hold company harmless against any claim.

■ Prohibited acts
・ Customers shall not conduct any of the following acts using service. If customers commit any of the following acts, company may suspend or terminate usage of service without prior notice.
1. Any acts that violate or may violate any rights of a third party or company;
2. Any acts that are against, or may be against public order and morals;
3. Election campaign or any acts similar thereto;
4. Any acts that relate to sexual entertainment or missionary work;
5. Commercial use of service itself such as resale or rental of service;
6. Mass-emailing advertising, and/or any transmission of promotional or other solicitation materials to company and/or any third party;
7. Interference with the receipt of emails intended for company and/or any third party;
8. Impersonating any third party during the use of or by means of service;
9. Using or providing any harmful programs, etc., through or in relation to service;
10. Any acts that cause damage, loss or disadvantage to company or any third party;
11. Any acts that interfere with service;
12. Any acts that interrupt operation of the service;
13. Any acts that violate or may violate laws or regulations;
14. Any other acts that company determines as being inappropriate.

■ Description of Service, etc.
・ Company may suspend or terminate service without prior notice, when company determines such suspension or termination is necessary due to operational or any other reason.
・ Company does not warrant the safety of service While service is designed to ensure necessary security.
・ VPN connections may be unavailable with some VPN software.
・ Company may restrict the access of any website, which it determines is not desirable to be accessed through service.

■ General Provisions
・ These terms may be amended or abolished without prior notice. When any amendments are made to these terms, the details and effective date will be posted on our website or other means.
・ These terms are governed by the laws of Japan.
・ Any dispute between company and customers in relation to service shall be settled by mutual consultation between both parties in good faith. If the dispute is not settled among parties, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

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